Counselling Broken Down


Research tells us that about one in four of us will have some sort of mental health difficulty. Everyday life can become overwhelming and so full of worry that it is hard to find any peace, however, change for the better is possible and it’s my job to help you do this. I will work with you to explore your difficulties safely and confidentially, to make changes in how you feel, think and behave.

Counselling is a bit like throwing a jigsaw puzzle on the floor and having someone help you find the pieces and make a picture that you like. My job is to adjust how we work to suit your individual needs. I do not force you to do anything; I do not interview; make you look at your childhood; tell me your dreams or anything that you do not want to look at. I respect and trust that you will tell me what you need me to know.

  • Confidentiality? - is huge part of counselling – this means that I will not share information with employers, other professionals or family, unless it is to keep someone safe from serious harm or if required to as part of a legal process and our professional practice or if you request it.

  • Appointment Times? – I try to be flexible to suit you and offer appointments at various times of day and some evenings.

  • Cost? – I charge £30 individuals and £35 for couples for the initial appointment to meet and see how we might work together. I then negotiate a sliding scale of fees adapted to individuals.

  • Where? – I usually work from home in Binstead, as it is far more friendly – no public waiting rooms, meeting people you might know. This also helps keep the costs down and allows much more flexibility. I can offer home visits if needed and other locations but this does affect cost.

  • Cancellations? - I do not charge for the first cancellation but will charge half my agreed fee for non-attendance or subsequent cancellations without notice or often, as the space for another client will be lost.
Julia Bailey counselling room
Peaceful atmosphere
Creating the right mindset
" If we break a leg, we get help from an expert. It’s important to make sure that our emotional injury and mental health is looked after too. "

Most Common Questions:

Is Counselling for me?

Yes it’s for everyone - it’s about being with another human being who respects you, accepts and values you and is open and honest, so making it easier to talk about things that are difficult. I work with individuals, couples and families.

The youngest client I have worked with was age 4 and the oldest 92 years old.

What happens during the sessions?

We gently sort through feelings, problems and events to help find ways to feel better and maybe make practical changes.

What is Mental Health?

Being in distress is not about being ill, but life around us being really hard and causing us emotional pain. Sometimes this can make us feel ill physically.

What is a Counsellor?

It’s a profession with standards for qualifications and practice – BACP Accreditation means that you know your Counsellor is highly trained and practices in a safe and ethical way.

Can I trust my Counsellor?

Confidentiality is central and your information will not be passed to family, work, GP etc...

Information is only shared to prevent serious harm or if the Counsellor needs professional support with a supervisor, who will not know your name.