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Julia Bailey - The Practice

We all know that keeping up with life is difficult enough and that a thousand small problems can build up and leave us feeling pretty rubbish; without the extra traumas that happen that make life feel impossible at times. However, change for the better is possible and it’s my job to help you find ways to work through how you feel, think and behave to make life feel easier and happier.

The Practice offers several services

  • Counselling for individuals, couples and families - all ages.
  • Supervision for Helping Professionals and Counsellors (Person Centred/Humanistic/Pluralistic)
  • Support/Advice/Conflict Resolution for Businesses - professional relationship conflicts.
  • Onward Referrals & Reports - as individuals request.

I try my best to make counselling accessible and affordable with a reduced rate for the initial appointment and to meet me and see how you feel – starting at £30.

It’s really important to know that I am pretty normal and not scary, but gentle and compassionate. Along with my caring and informal approach, you can be safe in knowing that I have a solid professional foundation for you to lean on - a Counselling Degree and 15 years of experience. I hope that the information here is useful and there is more here to read about counselling and me to help make the next step.
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Julia Bailey Counselling
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Contact me directly for a chat regarding your problems:

01983 614394

07908 668822


What The Practice Can Help You With?

Anxiety & Depression
Traumatic Experiences
Suicidal Thoughts
Life Balance
Sexual Dysfunction
Divorce & Separation
Health & Illness
Loss of Employment / Income
Work Related Stress
Finding Direction
Economic Issues

And many more...

Quotes from my clients.

Thoughts From My Clients

" If we break a leg, we get help from an expert. It’s important to make sure that our emotional injury and mental health is looked after too. "

Most Common Questions:

Is Counselling for me?

Yes it’s for everyone - it’s about being with another human being who respects you, accepts and values you and is open and honest, so making it easier to talk about things that are difficult. I work with individuals, couples and families.

The youngest client I have worked with was age 4 and the oldest 92 years old.

What happens during the sessions?

We gently sort through feelings, problems and events to help find ways to feel better and maybe make practical changes.

What is Mental Health?

Being in distress is not about being ill, but life around us being really hard and causing us emotional pain. Sometimes this can make us feel ill physically.

What is a Counsellor?

It’s a profession with standards for qualifications and practice – BACP Accreditation means that you know your Counsellor is highly trained and practices in a safe and ethical way.

Can I trust my Counsellor?

Confidentiality is central and your information will not be passed to family, work, GP etc...

Information is only shared to prevent serious harm or if the Counsellor needs professional support with a supervisor, who will not know your name.